Emma Gillespie

Account Manager, Emma Gillespie discusses the transition to working from home and studying for her diploma.

At Activ Technology we are in our 10th week of working from home and from a mobile point of view little has changed, it is very much business as usual.

Morale within the team is high and from the onset of the pandemic our IT colleagues worked hard to ensure that we all had the correct equipment in place to work from home and to also guarantee the seamless transition to home working for all our customers.

The mobile team is not in the office together and I do miss seeing them in person. However, we regularly face-time and have video meetings over Zoom and Microsoft Teams to discuss client activity and it is amazing how such activity has almost instantly become part of daily business life. There is a revolution taking place in terms of video conferencing and if we all get the balance right between face-to-face and video meetings, then there are going to be some very positive outcomes, not least the benefits to the environment of less travel.

I frequently talk to customers and sometimes it is just a case of a friendly chat for half an hour as communication at this time is key.

From a personal point of view I am spending less time travelling and although I miss seeing customers face-to-face a bonus of not being in the car is that I get a greater opportunity to think, plan and prepare for the months ahead.

Alongside mobile account manager, Marie Lunt, I am continuing with my studies. We have one year left of our 18 month ILM Level 3 Diploma for Managers. We are motivating each other and I find that particularly valuable at this time, as the lockdown does impact on the routines I used to keep and as such studying is one of those areas you could let slip.

I have regular contact with my tutors at Northern Skills in Newcastle and Marie is doing the same with her online studying via Middlesbrough College.

We are able to share advice and tips and our assessor calls us once a week to ensure that we are on top of our learning. Working from home has enabled me to dedicate more hours to my studying which will really benefit my knowledge and my skill set.

Like everyone else we are closely monitoring the working environment and I am really looking forward to seeing my customers in person in the months ahead.

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