Activ News - BT ISDN Update

Are you ready for the end… of ISDN?

BT have just announced they are pulling forward the withdrawal of its PTSN and ISDN services, with 2023 being their new target end date for the provision of new services.

If you didn’t already know this was happening, BT are winding down these services because even though the infrastructure that underpins them has been continually overhauled and upgraded since it was first launched back in 1986, the network itself has remained pretty much unchanged.

Since BT has invested heavily in VoIP and SIP technologies, it doesn’t make any sense to invest further in its legacy ISDN network. By converging all of their services to IP, BT will be able to focus their resources and energy into a technology that will allow it to meet the demands of businesses in the future.

BT are planning to move all of its voice network over to VoIP which unlike traditional solutions does not run over copper lines, making them and line rental redundant. The only thing needed is a stable internet connection.

40% of the UK market has already recognised that switching to VoIP and SIP technology provides a range of major benefits.

Aside from being a more modern, progressive technology, VoIP has many advantages for businesses over PSTN and ISDN:

  • It’s much quicker to provision new lines.
  • You can reduce your line rental because you’ll need fewer physical lines.
  • It is incredibly scalable and flexible – e.g. pairing a SIP line with a cloud-based telephone system can give you the ability to easily transfer calls between offices and locations, to use your work line whilst anywhere in the country and to see which members of your team are available to take calls.

So, what does this revised timescale look like and how are they rolling it out?

Hopefully the below graphic will help illustrate their plans. (We are more than happy to talk through this and clarify any points)

BT ISDN Timeline update Dec 2020

So, if you’re currently one of BT’s 2 million ISDN customers, you have until 2023 to review your options and It’s imperative that you have an alternative solution in place long before the 2025 final switch off deadline.

Our advice to anyone reading this now who feels they will need some guidance or would prefer to completely outsource the entire switch, Activ Technology are here ready to help you.

If your current ISDN phone contract is up for renewal soon, now is the right time to start exploring the option of switching to VoIP and SIP technologies and we implore you to not renew or extend an ISDN solution as you will still need to make the switch when the service is switched off in 2025.

With Activ Technology our process of providing a switch is pretty straightforward, we will consult with you about your current setup and find out what the optimal needs are for your business are. We will then spec up a full solution that will be bespoke, scalable, future proof and fully cost effective.

Activ will also be there for you after the switch for ongoing support ensuring your business continues to run at full speed.

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