Connectivity – Finding the right internet connection for you!

There are many ways we can bring you high-speed internet connectivity. But the only one that matters is the one that’s right for you, and helps you achieve more. Our aim here at Activ is to help you find the perfect one.

FTTC for a Fighting Fit Connection.

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) uses fibre optic cables to dramatically increase the speed of your broadband connection. The fibre cables run from the local exchange to the cabinet, then switch to copper for the final connection to your premises. If your business is close to the nearest cabinet, you could get superfast speeds of up to 100MB/per second.

FTTP for a Future Proof Solution.

Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) provides super-fast broadband using fibre optic cables from the local exchange all the way to your premises, giving you a stronger and more reliable connection. We’re one of very few providers to offer this to UK businesses.

Leased Lines/Ethernet – Gateway to the Cloud.

Leased lines give you a dedicated connection to the internet – essential if your connection is business critical. You get internet connectivity directly and exclusively to your business premises from the cabinet, guaranteeing security and consistent access.

A leased line can enhance your business through super-fast speed and creating options for cloud-based solutions with IT and phone systems. Our leased lines are fully managed, so you can be assured that any potential issues will be fixed straight away.

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