Drive your business into the 21st Century with Cloud!

Activ are leading specialists in cloud and hybrid solutions; we help organisations of all sizes migrate safely to the cloud every day! This means they can benefit from increased productivity and access essential collaboration tools. Enabling their colleagues and partners to work more effectively together, wherever they are, using whichever device they choose.

Finding the Perfect Fit.

There are a huge array of options / solutions on offer, but grasping what is relevant for any given requirement can however be a minefield.

Dealing direct with big name suppliers can look attractive, but it’s easy to lose sight of the overall ongoing cost if you are unsure of your exact needs. Whatever you opt for may be overkill for your actual requirements and could end up costing you more in the long run.

However, Activ understand the challenges at play and can help size, design, deploy and migrate the best solution totally tailored to your exact requirements.

There are absolutely occasions where a traditional native environment will make better sense for your needs – however, we can help you ask the right questions and establish if indeed that is the case.

So, we at Activ promise to help you source a Cloud Solution thats is perfect for your needs that also provides a better return on investment, while also seamlessly maintaining the functionality you require.

Not as Daunting as You May Fear..

Don’t let all the hyperbole, buzz words and the vast amount of products, services and providers scare you away from exploring a Cloud Solution for your business!

We have the knowledge and expertise to showcase the ins and outs of Azure, Acronis, Avanti, Exchange, Citrix, Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler ADC), Bitdefender, Microsoft 365 and many many more.

So, let Activ cut through all of this and guide you towards an easy-to-understand solution that is equally as easy to put into practice.  


Your Journey to the Cloud.

So, in order to secure the best solution for your requirements we first need to turn around and look backwards to understand exactly what you need.

This ‘needs audit’ is essential, it’s a bit like researching the weather conditions before you pack for a holiday and making sure you only include the correct type of clothing to avoid overstuffing your case and paying over the odds to get it on the plane. 

Pack Light, Pack Wise!

Just like packing for a holiday and asking yourself: “Do I really need to pack all this?”

The first thing to ask yourself in this instance is: “What core functionality do I want from a Cloud based Solution?”

Is it:

    • Data Testing
    • End to End Data Recovery
    • Access to Applications/Systems
    • Server Migration
    • Desktop Virtualisation
    • File Sharing
    • Data Storage

Or is it a combination of functions/services?

Not as Expensive as You May Think..

Activ specialise in helping guide customers through the above process of identifying their needs, accessing all the options and delivering the most robust, resilient and cost effective Cloud Solution for their business.

We want to work alongside and support you for the longterm… if you’ll have us!