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As we find ourselves in a position that nobody in our generations has faced we have listened to the advice of our government in relation to COVID-19.

Activ Technology, on Friday last week, activated our business continuity plan. As we take the safety of all our employees, partners and clients very seriously we began testing our resilience and with only a few hour notice sent our teams to work from home. We have closed our offices and sent our team of 30+ employees home, where we have tested our solutions thoroughly and have assessed our systems. We are happy to share that we are functioning without any issues, our entire business continues to operate and all SLA’s have been achieved in our testing period.

We are now confident to move forward with our teams working in the safety of their homes whilst supporting our fantastic clients to our agreed SLA’s. We understand that other businesses are not in such a fortunate position, this is our industry and cloud technologies have allowed Activ to react promptly to the advice from the government. If you are not so fortunate, we are happy to offer free advice, guidance and knowledge to support your teams in getting working at home. Thank you for your support and more importantly stay safe.

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