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What is SIP trunking and how can it benefit your business?

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP for short is a type of technology that lets you make calls over a data connection. Obviously, there’s a lot of clever technology behind it but we’re not going to dive into the technical detail here. Instead, we’ll give you a summarised overview of what SIP trunking is, how it works and the benefits it can bring to your business.

Is there a difference between SIP trunking and VoIP?

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a broad term for voice calls made over the internet rather than a regular phone line. It’s no longer considered a single protocol and has become a blanket term in the industry to refer to technologies transmitting voice over the internet.

SIP is a signalling protocol used to control and support multimedia sessions over IP based networks.

So, what about ISDN lines?

ISDN lines for voice and data let you have multiple connections on each line – 2-8 with ISDN2 and from 8 upwards with ISDN30. So you can make calls, receive faxes and access the internet at the same time.

However, following an announcement from BT, traditional ISDN services will be phased out by 2025 to make way for SIP.

Is now the right time to replace rigid, expensive ISDN solutions with SIP Trunks?

Organisations can find their operations restricted by inflexible and costly inbound/outbound voice calls services if delivered via traditional ISDN.

SIP Trunking transcends these issues, offering less cost per channel than ISDN while providing more flexibility for geographic telephone numbers – and how and where they can be used – as well as greater reliability.

This combined with the announcement from BT about phasing out ISDN lines means the answer is yes, now is the right time to be making the switch to SIP trunking.

A summary of what solutions SIP offers your business

Scaleable Lines
Upsize or downsize lines – all while keeping your existing numbers – depending on your business’ seasonal or marketing campaign needs.

Resilient Services
Reroute calls to an alternative location quickly and easily thanks to SIP trunking’s built-in disaster recovery/business continuity capabilities from the best of the UK’s sip trunk providers.

Full Integration
Take advantage of SIP trunking’s full integration with existing business networks and applications including Skype® for Business.

Complete Control
Deploy SIP Trunk Call Manager to combine SIP with our web-based portal/app service that enables you take full control of inbound calls.

Business Continuity
Businesses of all sizes need a business continuity plan for telephony. Combine SIP trunks with an Inbound service and your callers will always get through. Set automated call plans or simply divert published numbers to backup locations or mobile devices – instantly and from anywhere.

Numbers Protected
Protect your company’s existing numbers from the growing threat of business telephony hacking and abuse.

Phone Lines and PBX estate rationalisation
For businesses with several locations, SIP trunk services provide ISDN lines rationalisation – the ideal way to reduce the number of IP PBXs requiring maintenance.

Business-grade voice and internet convergence
With SIP trunks delivered over Broadband or Ethernet, you’ll have a high-quality voice and data service from just one internet connection, making for significant cost savings and a cost-effective service.

Free UK calls and fraud protection
Our SIP trunking service provides free call termination to UK fixed destinations, including 01, 02 and 03 number ranges. In addition, SIP provides free calls between connected sites, including international locations. CallGuard protection from unusual usage is also included free of charge with all of our SIP trunks.

Affordable resilience
If you’ve ever had to deal with a service outage, you’ll know that speed of response is key. Our active/standby and load sharing designs are engineered to cope with any situation, so maintaining telephony uptime. Whether you need to keep your businesses running in an emergency without the high cost of call forwarding or simply need to balance call loadings between sites during peak, our SIP Trunks will provide a business grade solution.

Personalise how you communicate with SIP Trunk Call Manager.

SIP Trunk Call Manager takes SIP beyond a connectivity service into a world of multi-feature applications, putting you in control.

SIP Trunk Call Manager provides you with all the benefits of SIP Trunks together with a centralised inbound call management service with a host of features, accessed through an easy-to-use web portal and mobile app. SIP Trunk Call Manager offers powerful business continuity as standard, giving you the ability to manage your entire number estate and all aspects of your inbound calls. It enables you to consolidate all your numbers onto a single platform, meaning that you’ll never miss a call.

The benefits of SIP Trunk Call Manager
• Enhanced SIP service – gives you full and direct control of your inbound numbers.
• Tailored business continuity – never miss a call.
• A direct ISDN replacement – save up to 50% online rental and up to 25% on calls.
• 01, 02, 03 and 08 termination on subscribed SIP Trunks – no number translation.
• One point of contact providing your SIP trunks and call management via one simple solution.
• Easy management via an app and web portal.

What about Analogue lines
(PSTN – public switched telephone network).

Analogue lines are single lines for voice calls, fax machines and dial-up modems.

They can only make and receive one call at a time, with a single phone number for each line. So, if you need more numbers, you’ll need more lines. It’s fine for small businesses, as it’s quick and easy to add more lines as your business grows.

But if your business makes a lot of calls, it’s worth investing in multiple analogue lines to enable more of your staff to be on the phone at the same time, reducing customer waiting times and increasing satisfaction.

Your staff will also be better able to manage and direct calls, as they’ll be able to put customers on hold and transfer calls internally.

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