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Activ Technology’s SIP trunking service provides automatic failover to your other sites, the ideal solution in the event of a major disaster such as an office power outage to keep your business operating smoothly.

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SIP trunks for voice calls offer huge savings.

SIP trunks are an additional, internet-based voice channel in addition to your ISDN channels, offering you inclusive calling minutes and free site-to-site communications.

They offer powerful improvements over ISDN or traditional phone lines, including lower call costs, numbers you can take with you when you move and back-up in case of emergency.

Our SIP service includes fraud prevention, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

It comes with a full suite of bespoke applications including Unified Voice Messaging with Automated Attendant, Meet-Me Conferencing, Automatic Call Distribution, Hot Desking, Twinning, Mobile Hand-Off, Teleworking and Reporting.

With one of our fully hosted telephone systems you only pay for the seats you need – so no big upfront capital cost. And you have the flexibility to up or downsize as your workplace changes.

More power with SIP.

SIP trunks offer all the benefits of an internet-connected system including reporting, analysis and support. You can even integrate call logging into your CRM system.

It provides all the features of ISDN including Caller ID and DDI numbers but more importantly it’s not tied to any BT exchange, so you can have telephone numbers with any local STD code and you can present different telephone numbers when you call out.

Combined with the feature-rich power of a PBX, you can transform an inbound customer call into a multi-layered professional experience with intelligent call routing, on-hold messaging and call distribution to designated teams, while remote workers never have to miss a call into the office again.

And all at a lower cost than your existing system!

Analogue lines (PTSN).

Analogue lines are single lines for voice calls, fax machines and dial-up modems.

They can only make and receive one call at a time, with a single phone number for each line.

So if you need more numbers, you’ll need more lines. It’s fine for small businesses, as it’s quick and easy to add more lines as your business grows.

But if your business makes a lot of calls, it’s worth investing in multiple analogue lines to enable more of your staff to be on the phone at the same time, reducing customer waiting times and increasing satisfaction.

Your staff will also be better able to manage and direct calls, as they’ll be able to put customers on hold and transfer calls internally.

ISDN lines.

ISDN lines for voice and data let you have multiple connections on each line – 2-8 with ISDN2 and from 8 upwards with ISDN30.

So you can make calls, receive faxes and access the internet at the same time.

Call quality is nearly always clearer than an analogue phone line too.

ISDN30 and ISDN30e are high-performance voice and data lines for modern businesses with eight or more employees – each gives you 8-30 independent 64k channels.

You can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing or transferring large data files.

ISDN30/30e is ideal for wide-area networks linking two or more offices.

ISDN30/30e means you can have an unlimited number of direct dial (DDI) numbers, so customers and contacts can call your people directly, without a switchboard.

Following the announcement from BT, the traditional ISDN service will be phased out by 2025 making way for the internet-based alternative, SIP. This will be the new way for making and receiving your business telephone calls.

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