Ewan Tindall

Helping to make IT a great start to 2020 for Ewan Tindall.

Ewan Tindall, 18, joins us as trainee technician having just completed his A-Levels. With a British Junior Rally Driver Championship title under his belt, Ewan is also proving himself to be driven at work and has plans to accelerate in to a managerial role here at Activ Technology.

While undertaking my A-Levels at St Thomas Moore sixth form in Blaydon, where I studied Maths, Geography and IT, I realised that I wanted to develop my passion for the latter subject and make it my career. I was fortunate to be offered a role within the business as a trainee technician working in between IT and Comms which really appeals to my interests – I did not have to think twice about accepting!

I have only been with the company a very short time but I already feel part of the team! I work under the supervision of Andy Shannon, head of communications and Leon Hughes, head of technology, both of whom have been extremely welcoming and are an endless source of information and guidance. I have a lot to learn, so it is great to have people I can turn to who really know what they are doing and are always happy to help. Currently, they are teaching me about the different systems the company uses and I particularly like using online portals instead of software.

I am looking forward to finishing my training and working out on site by myself, as I really thrive on responsibility, another reason why I aim to work towards managing my own team one day.

Outside of work I can usually be found rally driving. I started go-karting at the age of eight and progressed to motorsports at 14. In 2017, I won the British Junior Rally Championship which was a moment I will never forget. No other hobby will ever compare to the sport for me, the adrenaline when racing is something I can’t describe – you’d have to try it to understand! I spend most of my weekends training or competing so there isn’t much time for anything else outside of work. I will be competing in the 2020 National Forest Championship, which is made up of seven different rounds with the winner being the person that has the most points overall. The majority of the rounds are in Wales, with some in England and Scotland, so it means a fair amount of travel. It’s great fun and I always have a good laugh as I know most of the people competing and we all have a friendly rivalry!

My aim for 2020 at Activ is to soak up as much knowledge as I can from all of the people I work with and to be the best that I can be. I look forward to working within the team and learning more as time goes on.