Road to recovery

Post Lockdown Road to Recovery.

The next milestone we are passing on our post lockdown road to recovery is reaching out to our customer base and asking for feedback and insight.

Firstly, Activ’s commercial team have been speaking to those customers who have had no choice but to adapt to new ways of working throughout the pandemic.

We want to know how they have coped, and to share knowledge around the solutions we have each been using to overcome the little niggles that have cropped up while working remotely.

Whether it’s by plugging your IP phone directly into your router at home for the best possible connection, or that shining a light on the wall behind you during a video call rather than lighting yourself will help to soften your impact and not scare your work colleagues (especially if you have been binging Netflix the night before).

We are also asking if they are happy with the service levels they have received from our support teams (who have been working tirelessly throughout as well) and making sure that their plans moving forward are robust enough to support their ambitions as business begins to bounce back.

Period of Transition

Secondly, we are also speaking with those who are in a transitional period of taking tentative first steps back to work around the challenges they are uncovering as they plan to work across multiple locations, as well as share the successful anecdotes we have gleaned from those who went through that process several months ago.

The feedback we are receiving so far from both groups points towards unreliable or slow broadband, outdated technology and not having access to the company telephone system, as the biggest issues being faced.

Other issues have included keeping the children quiet while on a conference call, repeatedly forgetting to bring fresh milk when you are the only one working from the office and making sure the massive pile of ironing that’s been there since March isn’t in full view when holding a Teams meeting from home.

Modern Solutions to modern problems

Unfortunately we can’t do much to help with the latter few, but the first three can all be easily remedied once we know about them, as we can get the ball rolling on a swift solution which will make life easier for them to crack on and keep their business moving forward.

One thing we have found that seems to be universally accepted is that no one is planning to simply go back to their old way of working – for some it’s impossible to do so, and for others there is just no need to have the whole team under one roof 100% of the time.

As hard as it has been over the past few months, it has also highlighted the benefits of allowing your workforce to operate remotely (once the technical aspect of this solution is in place).

Working remotely can be positive for both employers and employees. Increased productivity, improved work-life balance and reduced costs are just some of the ways remote working flexibility can be mutually beneficial.

Some examples include:

Imagine ruling out the commute to work and giving yourself a little more time to make sure the kids are safely at school, and not to mention the money that could be saved on paying for pre-school breakfast clubs and fuel!

End of the day productivity can also see an uptick – just imagine freeing yourself from the self-induced panic when Google Maps alerts you to heavy traffic or road closures that will add another half hour or more to your journey home, so you decide to leave early or possibly send other team members home early to avoid it. Thing of the past now!

Taking that next step with us

There is so much to pore over (and we could go on at length about it), but over the next few weeks we will be wrapping up these initial conversations and moving on to the next exciting phase of helping customers to succeed in this new landscape. We aim to make sure no one is left behind.

If you are an existing Activ customer, you’re reading this now and we haven’t yet spoken to you, don’t worry – we will be speaking to you all eventually, however if you need to speak to us urgently drop us a line on the usual number: 0191 270 6010.

If you want to join Activ and be part of this exciting shift towards a more flexible, productive and modern way of working – just give us a shout!

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