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Remote Working? Or back to being office based? Here at Activ we slowly started to welcome team members back into our office in late June 2020, but we did so with a great deal of caution and careful planning to adhere to the social distancing guidelines set out by the UK government.

However, we are still in no huge rush to get everyone back working from our office due to the success and complete flexibility of our own Remote Working Solutions.

Working from Home.

Because we made the move very quickly to establish working remotely, our team members have been able to consistently deliver an excellent level of service to our customers from their home offices, spare bedrooms, kitchen counters, gardens and garages (in-between interruptions from children, pets, online shopping deliveries and making Tik-Tok videos).

Mobilising Your Workforce.

Let’s say one of the biggest hurdles in enabling your workforce to function remotely is due to hardware restrictions, maybe sticking to desktop PC’s and antiquated telephone systems to run your business has meant that sending people home to work remotely during the Covid-19 outbreak has been a logistical nightmare and a real headache for your IT dept.

Can you Relate?

56% of UK workers said productivity is stalling at their company because of outdated Technology.

With remote working and productivity at the forefront of business minds, Activ Technology can propose remote working solutions for businesses seeking ways to modernise and reduce costs.

Plus, the right tech can help you create a flexible, connected and modern workplace for your employees and customers.

Unsure about Cost?

Unsure about upfront costs and budgets? Don’t worry we tailor every solution to your needs as well as your budget and we offer options to spread the cost.

Future Proof your Way of Working.

The possibility of coronavirus continuing to be part of everyday life for the foreseeable future needs to be considered by everyone.

Scientific experts have warned that this is a “real possibility” and have urged that the remote working plans put in place during a period of lockdown are robust enough to withstand any possible future outbreaks.

It is therefore vital that the solutions put in place to keep your business going are also able to scale up as you inevitably continue to grow as people begin to adapt to a new way of working, shopping, educating and making leisure plans.

Let Activ bear the brunt of providing you with the best possible solutions and peace of mind so you can crack on and run your business, manage your workforce and communicate with your customers in a safe, fully accessible remote way.

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